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G Protein Activation Assay Kits


RalA Activation Assay Kit

Place of OriginUSA
Catalog Number83601
Size20 Assays
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    [20 assays]

    Product Highlight

    • Configuration-specific monoclonal antibody that recognizes Ral-GTP, but not Ral-GDP

    • The only available RalA activation assay kit directly measures the level of RalA-GTP

    • Providing shorter experimental time

    • Could be used to monitor the activation of Ral in cells and in tissues by immunohistochemistry

    Product Description

      Small GTPases are a super-family of cellular signaling regulators. The Ras-like small G proteins, RalA/B, are important components of Ras signaling pathways, implicated in the initiation and maintenance of tumorigenic transformation, as well as vesicle transport, apoptosis, transcription, cell migration, and cell proliferation.

      Currently there is no direct assay to measure the activation of Ral GTPases.

      NewEast Biosciences RalA Activation Assay Kit is based on the configuration-specific monoclonal antibody that specifically recognizes Ral-GTP, but not Ral-GDP, and a RalA specific rabbit polyclonal antibody. Given the high affinity of monoclonal antibodies to their antigens, the activation assay could be performed in a short time. This assay provides the reliable results with consistent reproducibility.

      These anti-Ral-GTP monoclonal antibodies can also be used to monitor the activation of Ral in cells and in tissues by immunohistochemistry.

      NewEast Biosciences RalA Activation Assay Kit provides a simple and fast method to monitor the activation of RalA. Each kit provides sufficient quantities to perform 20 assays.

    Assay Principle

      NewEast Biosciences RalA Activation Assay Kit bases on the configuration-specific anti-Ral-GTP monoclonal antibody to measure the active Ral-GTP levels, either from cell extracts or from in vitro GTPγS loading Ral activation assays. Briefly, anti-active Ral mouse monoclonal antibody will be incubated with cell lysates containing Ral-GTP. The bound active Ral will then be pulled down by protein A/G agarose. The precipitated active RalB or RalA will be detected by immunoblot analysis using anti- RalB or RalA rabbit polyclonal antibody, respectively

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