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CTC-BIOPSY®-A10 Autoanalyzer System for Circulating Tumor Cell

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To Capture and Enrich:
Circulating Tumor Cell (CTC) and Circulating Tumor Microemboli (CTM) from whole blood with Nano-sieve for further clinical research

Cat. #: EQP-A10

Easy Operation
High automation, 10 mins to complete CTC capture and enrichment of 5ml of whole blood.
Nano-microscreen technology, no reliance on specific cell marker, suitable for all types of tumors.
Exclusive CTM
No lysis of red blood cells or pre-centrifugation to preserve the CTM intact, direct observation under microscope.
Pioneer in accurate classification of CTM, screen patients containing neutrophil CTM with the highest risk of metastasis.
Adequate Data
The first CTC device certified by NMPA in 2015, with international patent.
Over 30,000 clinical samples’ validation in over 100 Grade-A tertiary hospitals.
Autonomous downstream analyses, such as IF, IHC, FISH and sequencing to meet the requirements of clinical research.

Superior Performance

Optimized isolation technology by size of epithelial tumor cells (ISET) can accurately and reliably capture abnormal cells in blood, providing a efficient solution for tumor screening.

■ High-risk Tumor screening
■ Companion Diagnosis   ■ Early Warning

Patented ISET Technology

ISET technology uses the size and deformability of tumor cells to achieve separation, then use cell morphology for identification.

With good light transmission, second-generation nano polymer material is resistance to various staining reagents, allowing direct observation of cells in visible light.
Nano-microsieve technology broke the foreign monoply, high-precision lithography machine for laser lithography.
13mm micro sieve membrane has 160,000 nano micro sieves with an aperture of 8um to maximize the sorting of blood cells and tumor cell enrichment.

High Detection Rate of CTM

CTC detection data of the CTC-BIOPSY® system in 2018-2020 showed an average CTC detection rate for each tumor is 80.90% ,CTM (Circulating Tumor Microemboli) detection rate is 12.52%, and the ratio of CTM to total CTC detection was consistent with study data from Nature in 2019.

Partial Detection Data of CTC and CTM from 2018 to 2020:

Accurate Classification of CTM

CTC neutrophil clusters, representing a critical weakness in the metastatic process, the link between neutrophils and CTC drives the progress of cell cycle in the blood flow and expands the metastatic potential of CTC.
CTCBIOPSY® is NMPA approved detection system , it can efficiently capture CTMs containing neutrophils, which can be seen directly with eye under ordinary optical microscopes. Patients with higher risk of metastasis can be accurately screened for clinical diagnosis and treatment.

CTCBIOPSY®Systematically Detect CTM Containing Neutrophils:



A Solution for Real-time Tumor Monitoring
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