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Anti-RhoA-GTP Mouse Monoclonal Antibody


Cat.#:  26904

   Size:   30 μl

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            Product Description          
Cat. #:   26904
Size:  30 µL
Gene Symbol:  RHOA
Description:   Anti-RhoA-GTP Mouse Monoclonal Antibody
Background:   Small GTPases are a super-family of cellular signaling regulators. RhoA belongs to the Rho sub-family of GTPases. Rho proteins play critical roles in many actin cytoskeleton- dependent processes including platelet aggregation, cell motility, contraction, and cytokinesis. It regulates the formation of stress fibers and focal adhesions in fibroblasts and Ca 2+ sensitivity of smooth muscle contraction.
Immunogen:   Recombinant full length protein of active RhoA
Applications:   IP, IHC and IF (Not applicable for WB since WB denatures the GTPase)
Recommended Dilutions:    IP: 1 µg for 1~2 mg total cellular proteins IHC, IF: 1:50-1:250
Concentration:   1 mg/ml
Host Species:   Mouse
Format:   Liquid
Clonality:   Monoclonal
Isotype:   IgG2b
Purity:   Purified from ascites
Preservative: No
Constituents:  PBS (without Mg 2+ and Ca 2+ ), pH 7.4, 150 mM NaCl, 50% glycerol
Species Reactivity:  Anti-RhoA monoclonal antibody recognizes active RhoA from vertebrates.
Storage Conditions:  Store at -20°C. Avoid repeated freezing and thawing
Immunoprecipitation/Western Blot:  image.png IP/WB Analysis of Active RhoA Protein. Purified recombinant RhoA proteins were loaded with GDP (lane 1) or GTPγS (lane 2). These proteins were immunoprecipitated with anti-RhoA-GTP monoclonal antibody (Cat. # 26904). After SDS/PAGE, the membrane filter was probed with anti-RhoA mouse monoclonal antibody (Cat. # 26007).


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