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Synthetic Nanodiscs

Nanodisc is a disc structure with a diameter around 10 nm, which can keep transmembrane proteins in the environment of lipid bilayer and maintain its conformation and biological functions.

Our synthetic Nanodisc is prepared directly from the mammalian cells. The polymers used during this process have a dual function. It dissolves the cell membranes, like the detergent, and uses cellular phospholipids to form Nanodisc around the membrane proteins. The target protein embedded in nanodiscs can then be purified by affinity purification.


・Full length membrane proteins with high purity
・High solubility in aqueous solutions
・High stability, lyophilized powder stable at room temperature
・Proteins are in a native membrane environment and remain biologically active
・No detergent, useful for cell-based assays
・No MSP backbone proteins